Can a house be sold while in probate in Redding Ca?

Probate is the process of transferring the property to the beneficiaries or heirs after the person passes. When a person passes away they leave their loved ones and their property behind. Sometimes the owner will have a will or trust to determine who the beneficiaries are and in some cases it is not. If the … Continued

What happens when you inherit a house in Ca?

Inheriting a house can be an unexpected surprise in life. However, when you inherit a house in , you may find yourself in a situation where you need to sell it instead of keeping it. Selling an inherited house can be challenging, but it is certainly doable! With the right knowledge and assistance from , … Continued

Tax consequences when selling a house I inherited in Redding

Inheriting a home is a pretty sweet experience, yet bitter at the same time… You are left with great property value you can use to improve your life, but you are still mourning the loss of a loved one. So you may tend to ask yourself at this point “what are the tax consequences when … Continued

Why Won’t My House Sell In Redding?

You’re trying to sell a Redding CA house that just won’t sell? And yet – the news says the real estate market is heating up. The media is practically shouting again about multiple offers, high demand, and record-setting prices. So where’s your contract? These tips could be just what you need to help you sell your Redding … Continued

Foreclosure notice of default in Ca– what is it?

If you’ve gotten a foreclosure notice of default and want to know what the heck is going on, keep reading. Basically, a foreclosure notice of default is a document that has to be filed by a lender to start the process of foreclosure. The foreclosure notice of default must be sent to anyone who has … Continued

The State of the Market for Buyers in Redding Ca

Is it still a buyer’s market today in Redding? As experts in the Redding real estate market, we get asked this question a lot. The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no. The State of the Market for Buyers in Redding Ca First off, it really depends on the property type and location. Single-family … Continued

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Redding

Hiring a real estate agent in Redding can be frustrating. So what are the steps on how to find a good real estate agent in Redding? Many local large real estate brokers will spend thousands of dollars each month to ensure that their agents are the most visible, whether it be online, in the Yellow Pages, … Continued

What is a Pre-Foreclosure in Redding?

With millions of homes across the country going into foreclosure, it’s important for both buyers and mortgage holders to understand the process. So what is a pre-foreclosure in Redding anyway? Many homeowners across America and Redding are facing difficulties making their monthly mortgage payments. When a homeowner misses 3-6 months of mortgage payments, the lending institution will … Continued

How to Avoid Foreclosure in Redding

While the housing market is rebounding, many people in Redding] are still struggling to make their mortgage payments. If you’re underwater on your home, or having trouble keeping up with your monthly mortgage payments, you could be fearful that your mortgage provider is going to foreclose. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do … Continued

How to Sell Your House to an Investor in Redding Ca

Home ownership just isn’t what it was in the 1950’s. In the past, people would buy a home and live there for the rest of their lives, often passing it on to their family. Things have changed. Many first-time homebuyers are going into it with the attitude that they’ll sell when it’s time for a change. If … Continued

Selling Your Home During a Divorce in Redding

If you’re wondering about the ins and outs of selling your home during a divorce in Redding CA… we’ll dive into the steps and things to look out for in this article. With over 50% of American marriages ending in divorce, many Redding CA residents are looking or advice for selling a home during a divorce. … Continued